1966 Classic First Gen Rock Crawler Ford bronco

Finally finished my Bronco. It started when I wanted to build a real King of the Hammers Rock Crawler, I then looked at my wallet and it said “no”. So I did the next best thing and created it in 3D! :smiley:

Side note, if you are interested in purchasing, check out this link. https://gum.co/rHpIM



This looks amazing. I love the materials and the cleanness of the whole model. I am curious though, from you and others, what is the trick to get super smooth geometry?

I was wondering what ever happened with that model, nice job.

HI Jared, Looks great. Are you still in Colorado? Or are you back in Arizona?

Top notch job, well done !

Nicely done. But i think the materialsa are plastic from my aspect. Need to transfering to the exterior environment (HDRI for example)

is this built to scale? where can I purchase it?

Great level of detail. You nailed it with just the right amount of sharpness on the edges and no messy topology that I can see.