1966 Ford Bronco - Any Feedback Welcome!

I’m mostly concerned with the lighting, composition, atmosphere, and paint color. Any other critiques are certainly appreciated!

Undercarriage, including suspension components are loosely modeled. I also modeled some of the engine bay parts as well, not much too them either just enough to have something there to look at.

Used the Boxcutter addon some on this model, as well Cablerator for the exhaust pipe. Grass was created with the RealGrass addon.

Mud from tire spray was created using alpha mapped planes as decals, including a normal map.

Reference images were found on netcarshow.com as well as random stuff on google.

I haven’t touched Blender in a while and I wanted to challenge myself on this. I’m happy with the outcome but I’m not quite ready to call it finished yet. I’ve been using Blender for 7 years and haven’t made anything that I really feel is professional. I’m 20 years old, I’d like to build a portfolio and start taking things seriously; this model is one of the first steps to that. Any honest critique would be genuinely appreciated, I want to continue to improve. Is there anything I could have accomplished more efficiently? Did I pick the wrong grass?



Nice, love the dandelions! The Dandelion Faery will be happy.

It has a great American feeling. The model looks solid and this certainly shows off Eevee.

I think the bloom effect might be too strong. Are you doing Bloom and Volumetrics? It can be quite strong, just not too strong. The 2nd image is close to ideal. The first red bloom almost looks like a 2d circle because of the way it hits the wheel well in the bottom left (not ideal). The 3rd just seems a little bit bright with the Bloom.

I would try a little bit of Mist, using the mist pass.

And make sure you get some yellow dandelion flowers caught in the tail lighting too! :grin: By playing with the scattering or placement or whatever. If you got the grass to look as good in the 1st as the 3rd, then I think the 1st wins the composition prize, but the 3rd is currently my favorite.

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The lights somehow feel … foggy. Really noticeable with the taillights in the first render.

Nonetheless, this well-executed model does bring back memories of my very earliest childhood, when one of my uncles owned such a car. (I remember looking up at the door handles …)

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Yeah I see what you mean. I’ve fixed them now. Angle on the spotlights used for them was set to 180°. I do want to maintain an overall haziness in the scene for the atmosphere, I’m going to experiment with selling that a little better.

Really nice renders, but something is still off with the taillights in the first render. Maybe the taillights need an emission material with higher value? It is giving out light but not glowing. See this example:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you!!!

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Can anybody guide me through how to make exhaust smoke coming from the tailpipe? Looking to have it blow straight out then curl upwards.

Still curious to see other methods but I figured it out. Using icospheres with volumetric shading, projected from an emitted object inside the tail pipe then a wind force field blowing upwards. That combined with the damping setting makes for a nice rising plume of smoke

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I believe this is because of eevee, I’ll add it in in post though. Thanks for the recommendation

Made some changes! As mentioned the taillights will eventually be done in post.

How do I fix the “puddle” of particles around the tip of the exhaust?

Going to re-do the grass I think. How do I get more emotion or visual interest out of this scene?