1969 Corvette Stingray

Hi All, I’m happy to share with you a long on-going project of mine. I started modelling this Corvette in Blender a few years ago, I had the wheels and body mostly finished, but decided to pick it up again 2 months ago with the goal of finishing it before the year is over. In the last 2 month’s I polished off the body modelling with shutlines, finished all of the exterior chrome trim, lights and various details. Everything you see here was modelled in Blender. I have since started modelling the interior, my goal being to be as detailed as possible and eventually in the new year continue with the chassis. Doors will be able to open and T-tops are removable as well. Everything you see here was rendered in Eevee, my goal is to always keep it looking as real as possible with Eevee so that I can animate it on my own pc without the need for a render farm. I hope you guys like the progress and look forward to your comments. Cheers!


(upload://1jtE5871lNVLyWgyckh5oUsqGGL.gif) ![cap50.PNG|690x441]