1969 Dodge Charger

Hello all. I am new to blender and have been working on my first major project and expanding my skills for about 2 months now. I am at the stage where I have finished the mesh and starting on the materials and textures. The actual mesh is very high-poly with high detail interior, main body, engine bay and undercarriage. This is my first render of the model, my model does have a hood and there are some problems eg. the windshield not fully showing but here it is.

Any comments and especialy critisism is welcome.

Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your time here and gain a lot from it.

The windshield looks like it might be a camera clipping issue. Do you know how to check for that?

(Edit - Never mind, can see image now, wasn’t showing for a while)

It’s working for me now. I had to edit a couple of times because I copied the first URL. If you still can’t see it I will boost my post count.

Oh, my favorite car ! Can’t wait to see the rest.


I can post some more renders later today of the unfinished interior, rear end and some side views.

Welcome aboard!! I had seen your other post about blotchy renders, but didn’t read it. After seeing this car I went back and re-look at that post, seems like you might have solved some of the problems, this looks better. It’s really hard to judge what’s going on with the extreme close-up shot. Yes, it seems the camera is clipping some, I can’t see the roof/top of the windshield.

Could you please post some clay renders with less extreme camera position? By clay renders, I mean without any materials. There are a couple of addons floating around for that, or you can simply delete all materials, (but don’t save the file or save with a different name so you don’t loose your material work so far!)

Oh, BTW, I’m interested because I owned a '72 Charger Ralleye once, but honestly, I’m more of a Plymouth RoadRunner man myself, a close cousin to the Charger, (they shared the same chassis and interiors).