1970 Valiant VG


Sorry to be posting this far into the project. However, I only found this site a few days ago.
Here is my latest project I’m working on. Please feel free to critique.

I’m in the process of adding a double pin stripe to the boot section. There is a main black stripe and an orange pin stripe at it’s edges. Here are some renders both textures applied individually.

A user named “Imprezza” on this site explained to me the correct node setup to use 2 materials which have been made in blender and they are controlled by a black and white image texture.

Unfortunately I can’t do it with more than 2 colours. So I tried mixing the two materials but that didn’t work either.
Could somebody please tell me how I should go about this?

Thanks for your help.

I don’t really have much time left today, and this is just an idea, and I’m not sure it’ll work (couldn’t test it yet), but I hope it might help…

shaders might need just a little work, just a little too perfect, but great job. i like it

Thanks Impreza you legend! spot on once again.

Thanks ThorntonStrolia. I’ve adjusted the shader so it’s reflections are a little brighter and whiter. Is there anything in particular with the materials you think I should change?