1970s Food Replicator: The Laser Chef Easy-Glide

Introducing the LASER CHEF Easy Glide, bringing the exciting world of food and drink replication to the home with an easy-to-use, low-power, roll-away appliance that fits any lifestyle.

Taking my “Future of the Late 20th Century” kick back to the 1970s, this is my take on a kitchen food replicator a la Star Trek, but with a heavy dollop of '70s kitchen earth-tones, Atari-style cartridges, and chunky neon indicator lamps (which I have to mention because I was having an absolute bear of a time making that reflector texture).

This one is a bit older, with a worse turkey glow, but it’s the angle from the mockup.

Most everything came out satisfactorily on this one, save for maybe the materializing turkey. I went with a volume-shading approach, but I just don’t think there’s enough control over it to get what I need out of it-- the main problem being that I couldn’t find a good way to fade back the volume away from the shape-- it was either hard edges and all or a spherical gradient approximation. I think I need to get some particles in there, or maybe just some speckled planes to fake it, for that transporter-style glow.

Late Edit: I managed to make the turkey materialization a bit more interesting with the addition of another light to really light up the chamber, there. It’s better, but I’m still not 100% satisfied. I could probably do more with volumetrics, but I’m at the point of cutting this one loose and moving on. (The ad copy also got a bit of tweaking, as well.)



Haha. This is done really well. The colors and print look like they’re straight out of an 70s or 80s magazine add. You nailed that part.
Nice work.

How did I miss this? Great work :+1: :joy:

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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I just had a flashback to my childhood with the colors and design motif. And those cartridges look like 8-tracks! Well done!

I was thinking solid-state, like an Atari cartridge, but you’re right, it does have that 8-track look, too. I’m not sure where I got the pinches on the sides from. I think some of the Atari carts had that, some of the off-brand ones, but it might have been on the top.

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Holy crap dude. This is absolutely amazing. Great looking model, but also freakin’ hilarious artistic goal. Time to host a 1970’s dinner party.

I like the color matching!