1972 Ford Falcon GT

Hey guys,
I have used blender in the past just for messing around a bit for fun, but i decided that i would finally try and model a car. With minimal experience past understanding the controls and functions, I took a shot in the dark, watched a few tutorials, and gave it a whirl. Although it is discouraging at times, I just keep working on this to see what i can learn from my first car model, that way my next one will be better. I am looking for some advice and help on smoothing out the mesh and adding more fine details, thanks.

For a your first car it looks good! (better than my first attempt!). You have already picked up on smoothing however it would be nice to see some wireframes of the car. Are you using Blender Internal or Cycles? (I’m leaning towards internal?)

Other areas for improvement:

  • Make the wheel arches more sharper.
  • Try a different material on the wheel trims.
  • From photos on the internet the Ford falcon has a sharp crease running from front to the rear on the car my suggestion would be to make the crease more defined and make sure that the crease lines up correctly with each panel so there is one straight line along the side.
  • The reflection of the floor allows you to see through the bottom of the car. You can either turn down the reflection or add a base plane to stop the car looking so shell-like.

I am no professional I too am relatively new to Blender so these are my opinions! Anyway keep up the work it is definitely worth it and don’t ever get discouraged from your project. I know when you search on the internet you get extremely photo realistic renders of cars and this can be off putting but just keep at it! With hard work and practice you too will eventually get there. :slight_smile:

Keep up the work

Thanks George!
I find it funny that i actually a large amount of these problems before i read your post. I decided that i should take the time to connected the meshes of the body together, and thought that it was going to be a very lengthy process. It actually went very well, and i was able to cut down the face count to about 700 (2100 before). Removing the mass amount of excess edge loops really helped in shaping the model better. I also added a sub-surf to the mesh. I did some other changes with making the tires smaller, swapping out the material for the rims, removing the glass and glass trim (it was too out of shape to bother trying to fix), and some other minor things. I am using cycles, and have never really used cycles before. I kind of understand the nodes system, but it is just a lot of tweaking to make it look right, and figured I would focus on that after i finish the modeling and details. This render is at 750 passes.

here is also a wire-frame picture. I don’t know how to render a wire-frame picture, so i just took a screenshot.

I’m really satisfied with my progress today. Not sure exactly where to work on next. I really like working on a more classic car, its different than most of the modern, luxury cars people make.

Hey guys, its been a while since I have worked on this. I got frustrated with lack of computing power and decided to hold it off until i had a better setup. Now that I do i am going to start working on this again (and hopefully finish it). I have done a few changes since the last render on here, but i do not remember everything as this is from months ago.

  • Windows and framing
  • Added FORD lettering and GT logos
  • Fixed most of the skewed loops and loops that didn’t follow the pattern
  • Did some experimenting with the paint (Still needs work)
  • Removed all creases and swapped them to edge loops (Thanks George)
  • Tried working on wheels again, they still are quite horrible. I will probably end up doing these last
  • Made the bump in the hood more prodominant

This is 500 passes at 1080p

Some of the things I need to fix are

  • The paint around the bump in the hood
  • Need to split the shell into the hood, trunk, doors, etc.
  • Modeling problems around the hood and the front corner of the car (the line dissapates, there is a sharp change in the yellow that is from the model)
  • Model better around the wheels.
  • Need to re-do wheels again
  • Work on paint
  • Finish headlights

I would love some more input, but not working on the project for a while has helped me refresh my mind on what I need to do. Hopefully I will have another render out by the end of the weekend (I can finally render with the GTX 760 in less than 10 minutes as opposed to an hour or two!!) If you want to see the set up or any other views I can get a picture just let me know.