1990-ish IROC-Z

Hey guys!
I’ve finally decided to do one of these (well…FINISH one of these), in honor of one of my high school friends who used to drive me around in one of these things :stuck_out_tongue: I’m currently shaping up the front end a little better, and mostly have the fender finished. The hood is done. Take it easy on me, car gurus! Anyway, here goes, wish me luck!


Small update, fixing up the front end, still tweaking to do of course, and have to add the reflector on the fender. Beginning to look like a Camaro though :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish my friends had nice cars like this back in my high school days… all we had was a bunch of junkers to drive at that age… but we still had a lot of good times in those ole junkers.

That almost looks like the shader I used for the drone in my video “Unmanned Vengeance”

Is this BI or cycles?

@harleynut97: Haha, yeah…I was rockin’ an '82 Escort that barely made it up hills LOL. That’s BI, baby!! :yes:

OK, here’s the front end almost completed, made the grill today(went with the “bow tie” version), made the parking lights and reflectors. Still fiddling with that skirt thingy in front :mad:

So what color was your friends Z? Purple and pink looks nice too.

@harleynut97: He had a ‘Berlinetta’ actually, which was essentially a stylized Camaro focusing on that rather than performance.

It had a little different front end, and some interior stuff that set it apart from the rest.

Here’s where I am at:

Still screwing with the front end a bit :stuck_out_tongue: