1994 Subaru Impreza WRX

Hey there! Today I present you my latest project.

It started all of a sudden, partially inspired by playing Dirt 3 with some friends and because of the need to prove to myself and team-mate swaschan that I could decide myself, start modelling, and finish (mostly the third thing).

“You know what? I’m just gonna start modelling right now and finish today!”

Of course I didn’t finish that day. It took roughly three days of quite continuous working, and I discovered that the key not to lose the initial motivation is doing progress fast enough to “auto-feed” it.

So now about the car. I had some wish building up to model some easier car than usual, like more normal and with even surfaces. And since I was playing Dirt at that moment I decided it had to be a rally-ish car, and I also wanted to test a new method of modelling the lights of the pre-2000 era cars. I realised this was the greatest opportunity to give tribute to my favorite model. The only reason it’s the '94 WRX is because of the blueprints… I originally wanted to do the 22B, but as you can see I ended mixing it up.

Anyways, this is the result of the story.

Special thanks to Swaschan for help with the paint shader/lighting and to Xelus for help with lighting as well. Final result is mostly thanks to them.

Please C&C and have a nice day!

This is a really polished model, and what a great car…brings back memories of Colin McRae! The only thing i could critique is the wing mirror; where it connects to the car body looks a little awkward. But this is such a minor point on an overall great looking render!

Looking good! The glasses of front (and back) lights are modeled or normal/bump map?

Only textures used are tire sidewall bump map and exhaust colour. Everything is modelled.

Thanks! Yeah, I got overwhelmed by the mirrors, it’s always the most difficult part for me. Also, they weren’t included in the blueprints, so I went on image reference mode. Maybe I can fix them, but I just went on holidays and I won’t be back till like in 4 weeks. I’ve got my fathers laptop, but it doesn’t seem practical to render anything on it. I’ll miss my 650Ti GPU :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for critique anyways.

haha, so true! Also, this model looks excellent. I wonder if I could see some wireframes? :slight_smile:
I think the car paint material could use a bit of work; doesn’t seem to be quite shiny enough. I think BlenderNation had a great tutorial on car paint; I’ll have to see if I can dig that up for you…
digs around for a minute or so
Here we go. http://www.blendernation.com/2012/03/30/car-paint-shader-with-flakes-for-cycles/

Thanks! I’ve seen that tutorial, but seems like too long ago, and I’ll see if I can get those wireframes… As I said, I’m on holidays and Internet connection is a rare phenomenom, but I’ll see what I can do. Anyways when I’m back I’ll probably bump this new thread with new improved content thanks to your critique :wink:

Yet I hope there’ll be some more critique in the meantime, else I’ll assume I’m good. Nah, just joking, still waaay.

Very good, I love it!

1st render is brilliant, the others need some tuning i would say. the ground is to reflective and dont looks like a studio shot. Google some images about car studio shots :slight_smile: