1minute animation (Industrial Design)

Hi guys, this was my last paper for Industrial Design, so i could get my degree before starting my new Industrial Design job.

It was a CAD paper, (was the only person to do it after everything else… knowing blender i kind of ignored CAD)

The product was modelled in Solidworks, and rendered in Blender.

It is a “Desktop Water Dispenser” and refills the glass from the bottom through a one way membrane about every 15minutes, so that you always have a glass of fresh water in front of you.

27Mb .MOV file



Very nice. Clean. Nice rendering, good, smooth camera movement. Well done. :]

Visually it is very nice, good job. But the music is kind of annoying.

It was a hard topic to choose appropriate music for, so i won’t disagree with you there.


nice animation dude, but there is still a lot of gray in the animation (agreed it takes time to render with AO / good lighting, but grays make it look a bit low endyish) The camera movement and the animations are amazing ! very smooth transitions too.

great stuff

I like this very much. My only beef would be that I can’t always see the whole picture… like there’s too many close up shots where I feel like I want to pan back and see it all. It’s a minor thing and you can chalk it up to personal preference maybe.

Great concept and idea. Well executed animation as well. I would have liked to see the glass actually fill with some water though. Baked fluid sim would have worked really well here.


membranes are cool

wow lots of the “known people are posting here”!:eek:

Really nice! I like the camera movement where it flys along the tube.

Good work!


garphik: yeah i agree, i was going for white. however it was increadibly difficult to get there, for some reason it just wasn’t happening on a matt surface (if i made it reflective it would have)

also another thing which added to the darkness, was the fact that AO ignores transparency, and you can’t turn off AO for certain objects without turning off all Raytracing.

Enzoblue: This is the style of animation we were requested to do… but yes i agree, which is why i threw in a zoom out at the end. the animation was accompanied by a powerpoint presentation which had more still shots that were zoomed out.

thanks everyone else

Great animation, nothing wrong with it at all. In terms of music, I personally liked it, it’s the repititon of it which will cause insanity. Fortunatly it was only 1 minute long.

Only thing I could say is bad about it is writing “Desktop water dispenser” over the logo /text right at the begining. Move the logo /radius technology out the way to the top (and possibly shrink it). My first impression on that was “How stupid”.

On the otherhand, I think that product is a fantastic idea, infact, as long as it does work and isn’t all made up, if you havnt got a patent on that /going to produce it soon, I’m going to call you an idiot for showing people this! If my business was to design /sell products, I would totaly be copying that right now.

Yea, I agree. That would add a nice touch. But great job. I love the glass material. Keep it up! :cool:

How would a oneway membrane work in real life?

NIce idea and animation looks really great! This reminds me of that cup of water you get at your dentist…:eek:
kjknohw, it can be just a regular one-way valve like on air-pump… simplest thing in the world and that’s why this concept could work real smooth

they use one way membranes in sportsware (yep clothing) to keep the user dry.

they have tramping (hiking) boots that actually remove moisture from around the foot pushing it through a membrane, even if its wetter outside, so i assume the technology could be created… but i guess there would be a limit like gravity. in which case, a simple one way valve would surfice.

Thanks for everyones comments.


ack! my ears!!

I was going to tell you how great this is… but…then i realised…

isnt that a bong? too much time as a student, Douglass. time to grow up.

its very artistic and looks good. i didn’t how sound, maybe there was voice describing what the thing actually does, but just by looking at the movie, i have no idea what that thing is :slight_smile:

still, it looks good :slight_smile: which is the main point naturally.


haha awsome stuff AllTaken!
though the size of it :open_mouth:
but good stuff anyway!