1st Page virus 'feature'

I have been using 1st Page for some time now. Having recently had virus problems I installed a virus checker (AVG 6.0). This then found JS/loop virus in 1st page. I then discover that it seems it was included by the writers of 1st page. I am probably slow on the uptake on this one, and maybe it is not a problem once the offending file is removed. Please can someone say if it safe to use this software, once the virus feature is removed. Or if not if there is another free html editor around.



Well, I’ve had 1st page 2000 installed for quite a while, and haven’t had any problems with viruses (then again, I have not had them since I installed XP). But there are cases when anti virus applications mistake a harmless file for a virus.

If you’re not sure yet, I suggest:

Those are very good. But 1st page 2000 is really, really good.

Yeah, same here. When I was installing 1st Page, it came up with a “Trojan Virus” in the “Six buttons from hell” Button pack. I HATE THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS!!! :<

The six buttom thing is definately a virus included by the original programmers. The question is once removed is the rest of the package OK to use? I have been using it for years ‘and never had a problem’ I think. I think it is probably OK as long as you don’t use the six buttons bit. And since I like to keep it simple I have not. I continue to use it, typing with fingers crossed.



Have you heard of researching, like going to their webpage and checking htheir forum?

In case you didn’t read the link: It is NOT a virus!

wow, cool