1st Photorealism Project

Hey guys my first photorealism project made in blender since I started learning modeling
give your thoughts and advice.

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Well, the lighting looks pretty good, but the couch needs work. The cushions look like hard boxes, and the arm looks odd and blocky. Take a look at some cloth tutorials on YouTube. I saw a good one on making soft looking cushions. Take a look at some furniture websites and try to model an actual couch.

Thanks for the support.
Yes, I was concerned about couch and wasn’t getting any ideas to improve it. But I’ll improve it soon.

Looks like a great start! Was just going to suggest working on the models as spaceboy64 did. Have you seen this tutorial series? Might help you take it to the next level: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjEaoINr3zgGgS-N9Ews90bDAYYLoP0NO

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As I told you, I think this is a good, good start. my first 3d work was complete garbage: D. some points have already been addressed. maybe you just take a cube and try to create a realistic looking material. you can then test the appearance of the cube in different lighting situations. depending on what you want to do (character design, still life, architecture visualization, product etc.) you have to be able to do different things. starting from this picture, be sure to take a look at lighting and photography. (but dont forget modeling and shading/texturing)

the ingredients for photorealism are by the way no secrets! you can research them anywhere on the internet. so don’t be afraid of it :slight_smile:

Yes, I have seen few and will work on it…

I have seen this one and motivated me to start creating photorealistic scenes.
Thanks for suggestion!