1st pic posted here...

(Cativo) #1

And guess what…It’s the New Jersey!
Tell me what you think. I’m working on better textures…

(fullback) #2

AMAZING! I saw one of your posts on the blender.nl site before it went down. How long did that model take to do?

By the way, I have the perfect tileable texture for the deck wood if you want it. Got a bump for it as well.

You should do an animation for sure—just kind of cruise the camera around and show off your work.

(S68) #3


wonderful!! Really detailed, and realistic. Only improvement I might see is some texture with bumps on the gray painted steel and maybe a finer wooden texture for deck.

This also reminds me I have a shooner WIP somewhere :wink:

(Cativo) #4

Actually this is a second version, the first one wasn’t detailed enough, I started last year…It takes some time because it’s hard to find good reference material. I’d love to take a look at that wood decking texture, just look at my profile, my email address should be there. Animation…just wait a little longer… :slight_smile:

(Cativo) #5

S68, I’m working on better textures…I’m just too slow! :slight_smile:
BTW I can’t wait to see your ship completed!