1st real character with my first pixar looking eyes

Here it is… uhm… don’t really know what to say about it… he will get hands soon… I hope. He actually has legs… but even though it’s not anatomically correct… I will give him pants before posting his whole body:p.

Any suggestions?


You could try making the eye-sockets more round and better fitting, it seems as if you just extuded a few faces inwards.

I would suggest removing all the vertices that are under the eye right now and moving the vertices around the eye for a more roundish shape.
Then extrude (but do not move) and scale inwards.
You can scale the outer ring a little, and add some loopcuts to make eyelids.

I hope you could understand that, if not, do not hesitate to say so.


EDIT: Try this tutorial (I just can’t stop suggesting this one, it got me over my fear of modelling anything organic immediatly).

I know about the eyes… fixing as I write this down. I know what you’re talking about… if I still wouldn’t know what a loop cut is after almost 2 months I’d think of myself as…ehm… let’s not go there, I know. Thnx… any other idea’s?

So I fixed the eyelids(or at least tried to) and added a tongue… pants still to come.


Looks like the ears are on backwards. Ears should cup to the front.

He has legs… and things that are supposed to be hands(though he still has 1 hand here… ):p.