2.25 render thing, WTF did i do?

(OOPz) #1

P2.25 From camera view:
Instead of rendering to the outer rectangle of dotted lines Its rendering to the inner rectangle,
Also renders smaller images (if i tell it 800600 it actually gives me 640500(ish) images).

Probably just me pressing some weird button or someting… but im lost,
anyone know what i did?

(Dittohead) #2

between render and anim buttons there is panorama and shadows just below that are:

set that to 100%

don’t know about yer first problem.

(rwenzlaff) #3

Also make sure you don’t have “Border” checked in the render buttons.

Border allows you to render a small region (selected by SHIFT-B drag in cameraview) to adjust the look of a small portion of the screen w/o waiting for the whole thing to render.

I don’t know what it does if it’s selected and you change output sizes w/o selecting a region…


(OOPz) #4

Nope and nope… im familiar with both those methods… Its something VERY strange, seems to be set in my user defults, but it only effects 2.25, the same files in 2.23 render as expected…