2.3 guide

Does the 2.3 guide cover the game engine?

I don’t believe so. Hopefully, they’ll update the Official Blender Game Kit.

about the Blender GameKit. If the blender foundation isn’t planning to write a book like that to upate it. Maybe I’m able to do it.
In real life I’m a Graphic designer so I ofthen create flyers, litte books, leaflets and a lot more. I also know a design studio that knows some good studios to for book presses with full color or just black/white and 1 pantone.

This was just something I’m able to do, but only if there’s no idea of creating a next game kit. Ofcourse I need some people then with a lot of knowledge, but I can try. :-?

There’s a downloadable reference to the real time engine, so apparently what’s missing mostly is tutorials. There’s quite a few tutorials on the web, but they’re kind of hit and miss and a little hard to use. What would be really nice is some video tutorials. The head modeling tutorial in flash was an enormous help for me.