2.34 Crashes on startup in Mac OS X.3.3

I’ve downloaded Blender 2.34, mounted the image and copied the contents to a folder on my HD, but everytime i launch it, it shows a window with a grey background and then immediately crashes. I took a look at the crash report and I saw something about an unknown kernal address. I’ve tried searching for a preference file but didn’t find any.
I’m running on an iMac DV 400 with 384MB RAM and a ATI Rage 128 VR with 8MB VRAM, Mac OS 10.3.3.

I have no mac so I cant answer for real, but you could try less colours, like thousands of colours instead of milions of…

and also, check here:

and here too…

good luck!

The report is a succint to be really helpfull.

First does previous version (2.33a) works ?
Secondly, copy the first part of crash report here.
Third, any messages in console ?

If you have fink installed (for some libs), you could try also 10.2 build

Which/what is the console?
Where can you get fink?
I have already submitted a report at blender.org.
I’ll download 2.33a now.

Here is the first part of the crash log:

Uhhh… i can’t find where to download 2.33a… not on the blender website nor through VersionTracker…
Can someone post a link for the Mac OS X 10.3.3 version of blender 2.33a? 8)

UPDATE: Nevermind, I got a link from a friend. Thanks anyway! :smiley:

ok… blender 2.33a doesn’t work either…

Crash report:

seems pretty much the same problem…

After testing the Mac OS X 10.2 version of 2.34, and meeting the same problem, I did a bit of research:
The ATI Rage 128 VR does not support OpenGL under Mac OS X.
According to tests conducted by ArchiCAD, OpenGL is only supported by ATI Rage 128 VR under Windows 2000 and XP.
Looks like I’m stuck… :frowning:

It’s Open GL Acceleration they spoke of, I think. Should not more matter than speed issue

Try setting your computer to thousands of colors

uhh… so u don’t need to have OpenGL to use blender but it is optimised to use OGL acceleration? :o

Mac OS will step down to software OgL which is much slower, that all

oooh icic
I’ll try blender 2.34 again when i can change my resoulution to 24 bit. Right now i can’t as my dad is admin of computer and he’s locked the display pane of system prefs. :expressionless:

I had to shrink it on my ATi rage 128. I created a script and run it from an alias:

cd /Applications/blender.app/Contents/MacOS
exec ./blender -p 0 0 1000 800 &

This is a new ‘feature’ of 2.34 on the Mac.

I don’t understand how Blender has trouble with OpenGL on older cards. Is it because it’s drawing all the buttons in OpenGL too? It’s just I know Maya uses OpenGL for the 3D window and quartz I think for the buttons, but it runs without problems (though it’s sluggish) on a 350MHz imac with a rage 128 pro 8MB.

Also, isn’t there a way to change only the bit depth of the OpenGL context used by Blender? Wouldn’t that save changing the screen resolution? You could maybe even use 256 colours and have the monitor at millions. After all, for most of the process of animation, the models are only in solid colours and test renders will show any required colour and since the monitor would still be in millions of colours, the render window could display the render correctly.

Can you explain it more? It sounds like u’re creating an applescript but the commands look like unix… what do u mean by shrinking and running from an alias?

I think that’s a good idea… but i wonder y no other applications i’ve seen does this… they all tell u to switch the resolution and even colour of the screen (to like 640x480, 256 colour, when screen was 1024x768, mil colours), and i’m here crying out “y don’t u just use fewer colours?!” This is esp so when the colour it’s asking is lower than what the screen can display (16 colour, 4 colour and b&w, etc)

hmm… i actually go it working after the exec command ( i used 30 30 500 500 instead cos the window hitting the menubar and going off the screen cause a “height error”), and then resized the window manually (so the stuff fitted in). But after i executed exit, blender closed and there was no error message. Does executing exit cause the process (that is blender) to die as well? :frowning: