2.34 - ! YaY !

I just want to express how happy I am with some of the changes in 2.34.

The unwrapping has been improved greatly, not just with LCSM but even the default unwrapps. The poles of a UVsphere are treated much more effectively, eliminating time consuming manual tweaking that I was forced to do before.

More importantly than this the ‘noise’ vertex coordinate transform is much more effective. Before this feature was limited to a simple transformation along the object z axis; something that may work fine for a plane but was useless for a sphere.

Noise now seems to transform along vertex Normals which is perfect for transforming a sphere with a heightmap.

I am making a bunch of topographical models of North America and Canada, I can now make them as true spherical sections as originally hoped for rather than as planar map projections. This means I am throwing out a lot of work, but I will be able to construct my original vision of this project .

These changes may not be particularly useful for a lot of people, but for what I am doing they are a godsend.

Just wanted to share. :slight_smile:

Okay I take some of this back. Noise seems to behaving as normal, transforming along the z-axis.

I did get a sphere to transform yesterday along vertex normals or something equivalent. I cant for the life of me replicate the transform today though. Sigh.

Have you tried using displacement mapping?