2.35 Splashes

After seeing the thread for the 2.34 splash, I thought I might start one for 2.35 splashes. Maybe none will be used, but it will still be fun.

Here is my splash for 2.35!!!



Of course this isn’t really my job, so if the mods want to delete this thread, I won’t mind.

Getting started a bit early, aren’t you?

hey fitchmicah,
you posted this twice aren’t one time enough?


hey fitchmicah,
you posted this twice aren’t one time enough?

Sorry I didn’t think anyone was still looking at the 2.34 thread so I made this one.

They will probably start an official thread when the release of 2.35 gets closer. They are just now recovering from siggraph and the 2.34 release and barely starting to plan the next one.

Still… its good to see the artwork!

And one point… this is why a lot of entries for the 2.34 version splash were disqualified… Don’t change the format… no transparencies of the top bar… the image dimensions should be the exact size of the template and the only thing that is changeable is the area below the white bar.

They are sticklers on that… no changes to the template. And make sure your version number is correct!

Blender release 2.Fish! :stuck_out_tongue:

Like Pablosbrain said, an official thread will be started with the proper template (hopefully with correct version number this time :wink: ) when the time comes.