2.40 Runtime Issue

I saw the dynamic runtime issue, but I’m pretty sure this a bit different. I have a blend that I have built with 2.36 - recently I have downloaded 2.40 and can build in it, but I have to preview the .blend by double clicking it, or else it will delete the Viewer’s IPO…

Anyway, I just did a ‘Save Runtime’ and tried to launch the .exe, but it crashes before the blend file is displayed. I have never encountered this with any prior versions of Blender. Is anyone else experiencing this? And more important… is there a solution to this problem?

the ipo’s are removed for dynamics objects, because of a bug/feature in the physics baking. It will be fixed for next release.

Do you have a blend that crashes the viewer?

I do, I will post it tonight and update let you know. Thanks!!!

It is a large file, I haven’t streamlined it or anything, and it used GameLogic for mp3s, so the command window may error etc.