2.41 materials in realtime

Ok…I hope this hasn’t been asked already (I couldn’t find it )…anyways…my problem is this…I want to use the new material options included in 2.41 in a realtime program. When I normaly execute the realtime exe’s I get the grey materials with nothing happening. When I use the “your_runtime.exe -g blender_material = 1” argument it works fine…But I wouldn’t like to know if there is a way to enable this (as a default )without going into command lines. My goal is to use this in an scr format (which doesn’t seem to support the cmd line)
Any help would be great, thanks!

I believe you can write a batch file in notepad like this:

run=“your_runtime.exe -g blender_material = 1”

or something to that effect… Save this text as “yourgame.bat” and then click on the batch file. You have to have the filename.bat file the same directory for this to work.

Hope this helps.

I hope there will come an better Solution than than a *.bat File in the next BugFix Release. Sorry, but this look so unprofessionell! I really hope they find an better Way. Or is there something i did’t see?

Just in case someone else needs to do this. In my copy of XP Pro I had to use

start = pond.exe -g blender_material = 1

as my .bat file , run would not work . I’ve never had to write a .bat file so all it took was that one little difference to have me stuck for 20 min. Thanx to google I’m back on track, 'n Rizzo tooo!

What an improvment this makes to the look of the GB engine! WOW!! :smiley: