2.42 Almost Out?

The main blender3d.org site says the team is taking Python script submissions for the 2.42 release.

Now, it says that will be a beta version, but still, is the 2.42 release close?

I’ve also read that they may be printing an new manual for the 2.42 version?

BTW, how long is it usually between versions?

Thanks, LC

Not sure about the release date but version cycles usually run 1 to 4 months. These guys work really fast.

Wow…can’t wait :wink:

What about another manual (book) though? I heard it might be scheduled to be updated with the 2.4 release?

I haven’t heard anything about that, but it would make sense to wait until a bigger release (2.5 or so) to update the printed manual (That should include the new GUI upgrades they talked about)
Until then, the online documentation is usually fairly up to date

Old post I know, but I was going to start a new one until I found this.

Now that they have a tentative release notes, does this mean we’re any closer?

The Blender projects page says its still only on B-Con2?

Well you don’t have to wait, just download a CVS build, i.e. the latest daily compiled version.

You can find them here


Sweet, thanks! I tried that once; but I’m new to all this CVS stuff so I don’t know it too well; I couldn’t find it. :smiley: But thank you.

If you’re running windows, this is the one I’ve been downloading daily and using for about a month without any problems.
(Sticky: bf- Windows, 2006/05/20 MSVC (+ Win98))

The release notes on the wiki are a good starting point for finding the latest docs .


Its not working for me…I have XP Pro. :frowning:

I have to wonder. Do the guys who do the hardcore programming get any satisfaction from forums like this? To see great artwork that some of the members here churn out.

It would be nice to know.


Just incase anyone’s wondering, [email protected] said on his blog that the dev team might call the next version 2.5, because of all the new features that are going to be crammed into it. But, I don’t think it’s going to be here for a while. The Google SoC might be making a bunch of new things for Blender.

I’ve heard that it should be out in the middle of May so it should come out now.

The last that I heard, it has been postponed till early June (at least), but most likely just before Siggraph (dates of this anyone???).


What’s not working? The link to the msvc build? What’s happening?


News and chat, anyone?

Siggraphs not until the end of July/Beginning of August this year.

I downloaded it fine, but it (the Blender preview) didn’t work for some reason…:confused:

And about 2.42, there might be so many changes that there going to skip right to 2.5?!?!:eek:

I’m not sure what you mean by “Blender Preview”.

Do you mean one of the threads here, named “Blender Preview” with links to a 2.42 “preview” edition?

Or the “render preview” window in Blender?

Did you download from the link I had in my post?

What does “didn’t work” mean ? … crash ? … Blender doesn’t start ?


Wanna fresh builds for your plataform?

Can’t wait to 2.42?

Just go to… GraphicAll!!

Blender 2.42 was last seen playing Three Card Monte in a public park in Los Angeles. It promised it would be home in time for dinner.