2.42 axis new features for origin in view

in 2.42 if you look in bottom left corner
now yu can see little axes and if you go from let say back to front
it changes the axis in the left corner

very nice feature but i did not read this new feature in the changes for 2.42 !


It is in the “More new features and fixes”

The 3D window now has a rotating icon to show axis orientation.

Nice feature, can be turned off, if you don’t like it, in the Preferences View.

[QUOTE][Since the 2.41 release, we’ve counted almost 3000 commits in CVS. The bug tracker handled over a 1000 reports, of which about half was verified as a bug and fixed.
Listing all of that work, and all fixes, will create a long list that probably nobody wants to read… so here’s the highlights of the smaller new features and most important fixes in CVS./QUOTE]

According to this there’s probably quite a few tiny gizmos and features not mentioned in the logs. I guess for the other features among the 3000 you’ll have to find yourself.

when i red the newest book
this was not even mentionned

it is becoming harder to follow all the little things that are improved over time

mind you i’m not saying it is bad it’s only good for Blender

but this makes the old book growing beard and almost totaly out of date with what Blender has become today.

Blender is evolving fast and this is good for every body


Furthermore, you can also change the display size of it, which is very handy, since the default version is pretty small. However it would also be nice to be able to change the “thickness” of it.

Hey, that’s why they’re adjustable. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve got people running on 800x600 16-bit LCD laptops with iffy color and dead pixels, and we’ve got people running color-calibrated 22" monitors at 2048x1536… and dual screen, tri screen, etc.

thickness? you must be on an lcd and it’s aliasing badly… poor guy.