2.43 release date

When is blender 2.43 comming out?

Check the release date on the blender.org main page news, genius. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol well hopefully it will be tomorow then “before xmass”

Sounds cool, but keep in mind that a release candidate isn’t the main release itself. Still, I’ll keep a sharp eye out tomorrow.

wait…who has christmas first, the americas or europe? it could come down to the last hour…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The final release will be from jan 14-21 2007

BCon3: feature freeze Dec 11, 2006

Release Candidate 1 Dec 23-24, 2006

BCon4: CVS freeze, only fixes Jan 7, 2006

BCon5: Release Jan 14-21, 2006


Where do you get these Release Candidates?:confused:

EDIT: I just looked at that and the FFMPG status is unknown! Does that mean that it’s not currently being worked on?

Is it probable that we might not see it in this release?

Just looking forward to it whenever it is ready, Thank you once again to all the Devs. involved. :smiley:

yeah this release will again be fantastic. the development is really picking up, and producing some great tools.


Unlikly, It won’t make it before christmas. Maby by new year.

EDIT: I was right.

I’m actually glad they’re not rushing it.

I’m wondering whether they’ll fix the glitches in the sequence editor?

middle of january is a good time to get a new release, just enough time to get sober from new year and start normal daily rutines.
can’t wait for it, tried some new builds and it should be great when it comes out

heres an idea, if you dont see it, get the source code and build your own build with it on, naturally i do lol
and yeah this topic got my hopes up :frowning: lol
though its prop a good thing its RC1 is not out yet everyone busy with new years round the corner and settling in after xmas lol

Hmmm, I just downloaded the latest win build from GraphicAll. It’s shown as “CVS RC1 - Patched

Easy for YOU to say. I don’t know how to compile it (yet) :smiley:

I’ve NEVER compiled ANYTHING:(

Have you?

And that is something I would very much like to do…be able to modify Blender.

RC1 is out now (just two days before new year, my accurate prediction?).

No windows version? Hmpf, gotta thank ZanQdo for covering us.

the only thing that I hate about the new one is how it renders in little boxes, and it takes forever!!! Does anybody else not like that, or am I just crazy?

Yeah but try it in animation. Then it’s fast.

You can turn it off also.

Well, yes, but I meant it in just rendering still shots. …But you’re right, I’ve tried it in animation, and it’s great.

Hey BigBad…I saw your stuff on CG Society, and I like it! You’ve been on there since 2002!