2.45 features not working - new member

I have a Windows XP Pro sys. I installed the latest Python I could find 2.5. The two problems I see now are the Grid and axis won’t turn off when the buttons are released in the view properties dialog. The other is when I add Multires it will not return to the original shape level 1 is as low as it will go. I know what to do it just doesn’t work. I have added several scripts from the blender.org site do they cause conflicts?

scripts should not cause any conflict, unless they a space handler script, even then I doubt it could do much. On multires, -level one is the original shape- On the grid check which version (is it an optimized one, experimental, the download off of blender.org?) you are using, and file a bug report. It’s could be a problem with your graphics card.

Axis and grid are always displayed in aligned views (front, top, side and their reverse).


Thank you both for replying sorry for my tardyness family matters. The version is the straight up non beta
2.45 release. The grid problem is solved by your help Martin. The multires problem probably is of my making. However when I follow the tutorial in Essential Blender I don’t seem to be able to get back to the original shape. Sorry, I see now these are elementary questions to experienced users a little grace at Christmas time please.

Regarding the multires issue, once you use the “Add Level” button with Catmull-Clark selected as the subdivision type, the lowest level will no longer be the same as the original mesh. If you need to have the original shape, you should either duplicate the object before using multires, or use Simple Subdiv. instead of Catmull-Clark.

Again, thanks I knew I had gotten back to the original in the multires dialog so now I understand. Once you ADD in Catmull-Clark there is no going back to square one. I well try to try to find the beginners forum to post in from now on. Thanks for everyones patience.