2.47 GE questions ... here

what is Servo ?
where is the GLSL ?
what does those layers mean under the controller ?
there’s a sensor called actuator , what is it for ?
XOR NAND XNOR NOR , what the ?

Actuators :-
what is distance and Oreintation , the name might give a clue , but what are they specificly ??

edit object , Dynamics is obvious i think

state actuator , what the ?

shape action actuator , only a new look ?

they seem to be cool !! :smiley:

GLSL is not in the 2.47 release. It is still available in the Apricot branch, and I believe it will be in the main Blender trunk for Blender 2.5 (at least, that’s what I’ve heard).

The “layers” buttons in the controllers column are the states buttons. Each object can have multiple states, and each state can have its own logic (I think… I haven’t actually used the states engine yet). The state actuator is used to switch between the state “layers”. In each different state, the object will respond differently to situations depending on its logic.

I don’t know the answers to your other questions yet.

the weird named controllers are other types of logic gates

XOR triggers if only ONE input is activated
XNOR is the opposite, it triggers when all but one input is activated

NAND and NOR are the opposites of AND and OR

NAND triggers if all the inputs are NOT activated
NOR triggers if at least one input is not activated

the shape action actuator is for use with shapekeys actions ie:deforming the mesh without armature, just moving vertices, useful for explosions (in the latest demo of my game i used shapekeys to make a capsule explode)

the actuator sensor detects when certain actuator is triggered, useful for reducing the number of controllers and wires in setups like this one

What is the actuator sensor for?
And how do we use the motion actuator now?

@lost in space

the actuator sensor detects when certain actuator is triggered

Ok… thank you

Whoa that’s gonna come in handy. I can’t wait to play with all the new stuff! drools

That Frank logic image is pretty frightening. Oh how I’d love nodes for the BGE. :slight_smile: I got pretty confused even with my DukDuk game.


How do I change states so that state 2 is available but one isn’t until I switch back(inside a game)?

why isn’t there a ready documentation on the wiki ? :frowning: