2.47 How to delete verts while keeping UVs?

I’m new, and was wondering Is there a way to delete verts or edge loops without disrupting the UVs?

Thank you very much!

Select an edge ring, then go to alt+m -> collapse. I might not work in all situations, but it’s the only mesh tool I know of that will preserve the UVs.

After pressing alt+m, you have to hold the Control key when selecting one of the merge options to preserve the UV maps. The default is to not preserve them.

But Blender is weak and buggy in this department. If the deleted vertex is in the edge of a UV island, the UV map will be corrupted. If you have more than one UV layout, the inactive ones will not be updated. Deleting an edge loop will not update the texture.

The only way to preserve all UV maps correctly is to write Python scripts to mimic these functions, which is what I do. If I ever learn to modify Blender, trying to fix this would be my first goal.

These bugs should of course be reported.

Well, did you?

Nice and precise info (thanks BTW) you should be able to fill a bug report properly.


I did make a report (8407). It was partially fixed. Vertex positions in the UVs were always averaged, which is not what you expect when using the merge “at first” and “at last” options.

Thanks a lot!
Looks like I will be stitching a lot of UVs…

I don’t think there are many apps that wouldn’t be. I use Maya as well and typically, if you so much as extrude a single vertex, you can expect the whole UV order to be rewritten. In Maya our “blendshapes” (what Blender calls shapekeys) are done by linking to clones and a common newbie mistake is to try and add or delete some area.