2.47 Keyframe issue

Sorry if this is has been addressed, but my keyframes keep dissapearing…:confused:

I posed my man, keyframed that pose, then went to a ball and keyframed its start position. Now the keys for my man are gone :frowning: I mean, they still play in the animation, and if i push delete, it deletes all of em, but i can’t see em, so I can’t edit them. The ipos for the ball stay though. Like good ipos should. Maybe I don’t have the latest build??

Ooooooooo, or are my bones hidden somehow in the action window?? I can’t find anything to unhide them… hum…

If someone could help me, I’d owe you my life. Or a virtual pat on the back or something.

Please include a .blend file and/or a screenshot illustrating this problem, as there could be several causes.


I think i feel kinda dum. I think I just had to scroll to find em… Huh…

O well :smiley: Thanks anyhoo