2.48 Game Engine explanations of the new features

Hello everyone!
I tried to search about some explanations regarding the new features of the Bame Engine logic bricks that get along Blender 2.48, but I found nothing.
Even on blender.org some links in the Game Engine Documentation section leads me to a page saying that I do not have the permission to read…

Could someone explain me what are the actuators XOR, XAND, XNOR and XNAND?

(I alredy know the difference between OR and AND.)

I also read the short making-of like of “Yo Franky!” (but I did’nt play nor downloaded the game yet) on blender.org and I assume I have understood what are the State Controllers. So, what is a State Actor?

And if anyone has some links about blender keyboard shortcuts and Game Engine (advanced user, I know the basis of GE) documentation, I could maybe add them to my
own ones, then I may post them if nobody knows them.



As far as XOR, XAND, XNOR and XNAND goes, that’s just basic logic, where x stands for exclusive, plus these arent new to 2.48.

the link I gave him explains all of the logic bricks and state system at length

Yes, thanks you very much for that ^^
(Though I have still troubles with understanding what pulses are, and how stopping an actor with a pulse triggering false)

The last version of Blender I used didn’t have the XOR, XAND etc. I upgraded directly to 2.48 so that’s why I thought it was in the 2.48 new features. Sorry for the title mistake.

sometimes the best way to learn is to set up a simple test, and try the different variations of turning pulses on and off. Trial and error ftw.

oh yeah, this helps me to understand the StateActuator, but with the True/False pulse mode I still don’t have results :frowning:
Well I can surely do my thing without it, I managed to do so so far lol

I just answered this question in another thread, read this post.

Ok I think I got at last the theory. But still don’t get how to apply this >< I mean, if I take the default cube for exemple.
I add a Keyboard Z sensor, an And Controller, and a motion Actuaor Xtranslation with a 0.1 value.
I add an Always sensor, another And COntroller and a motion actuator Zrotation with à 0.1 value.

So when I press P, the game begins, and the cube is continuously rotationing on itself
then I press Z and the cube moves making circles, and keeps rotationning.

I assume that the pulse triggering allows me to have the cube rotationning on itself, but moving in a straight way instead of making circles.

So, I connect the two sensors to only one Controller. This controller is connected to the two actuators.
Now I play and test with Or, Xor… I have various results, but not what I wanted (the cube moving straight while rotationning on itself)
I surely did something wrong, but what?


Test_controllers.blend (123 KB)

To make the cube move straight you need to change it from local movement to global. There should be a little ‘L’ next to the motion sliders, uncheck that.

Oh well it has nothing to do with pulse mode, I forgot that little button.
Thanks for reminding me!