2.49 to 2.60 Converter?

When I open my game that I made with 2.49 in 2.50 version and later, everything seems to work perfectly except for the ANIMATIONS and IPOs. Too lazy to re-animate my character myself, I ask the people of blenderartists if there is a way around this. Is there some kind of converter?

You just have to change the logic bricks, not re-do the animationā€¦ I thinkā€¦

open and save the files with all followup versions.

2.49 -> 2.59 -> 2.60 -> 2.61 -> 2.61

the auto.conversion usually works only for previous versions.

You should only need to do: 2.49->2.59->2.62. The problem is going from 2.49 -> 2.62. The issue is that the logic brick conversion for the animation logic bricks introduced in 2.60 happens before certain 249->250 animation conversions. So, as long as you convert to 2.5x before 2.6x, you should be fine.

Ok Ive downloaded the blender versions up to the latest one. I successfully converted my .blend from 2.49 to 2.59 without a problem. However, when I convert the .blend that I saved with 2.59 to 2.60, I get the same problem as before when jumping straight from 2.49 to 2.60. Is there anything else I should be doing?