2.49b Exact same scripts, shadows etc wildly different fps everytime I start new game

Any ideas why? Outside applications closed or open doesn’t seem to affect this. Sometimes the game is hitting 60 FPS no matter what, with lots of shadows, animations, etc at once then other times I start the exact same thing and it’s at 30 FPS? Is my computer assigning a higher priority to blender at random?

Sounds like your having trouble with screen-drawing :thinking:
Try using Blenderplayer (BP) & see if you get better performance. If not - Reduce the Blenderplayer screen-resolution.

Also Blender 2.49 is by far NOT OPTIMIZED. Any reason why you don’t use Blender 2.79?

Thanks, I actually hadn’t thought of trying it out as a stand alone lol. I was testing from Blender itself.


I worked professionally in games for a long time. Been through MANY SOFTWARE UPGRADES. I always HATED working in 3dsmax + Maya convoluted interfaces. I was using Blender because it was fast & easy. I LOVE the shortcuts in 249b. So when they started copying Maya interface… with no performance improvement. And there hasn’t been any new tools in 3D in decades. What new tools can they possibly create anyway? Sculpture creates no new tools every year… So why upgrade to a cumbersome interface? 249b already has everything.

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the game engine has gone through great bounds in recent years, attempting to use anything older than 2.74 is just plain dumb.

if you are at all serious about game dev, then learn to roll with the punches. find a version that works best and maybe we can help from there.

Thank you, the only thing that seems to randomly affect frame rate with the player is having an internet browser open. Otherwise, the stand alone player is smooth even with added anti aliasing & multiple shadow sources at once. And it’s truly random, I’ve only gotten it to lag with an internet browser open twice so far out of multiple tries.

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If the AA actually works now and the lights are no longer illuminating through objects, that would be worth recoding everything to me.

Otherwise, I already left similar interfaces to the new Blender after decades of using those FOR the Old Blender because I find the old version work efficient and intuitive. The old interface is the entire reason I even use Blender. :slight_smile: I worked in games professionally since late 90s! I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s perfect for me.

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If I can bother u some more. I feel so silly now. The stand alone runs at a steady 60FPS even with double the amount of spots casting shadows and the antialiasing (from my video card) smoothing even the shadows. I put like 10 spots just for “fun”. I tested this recording with FRAPS fullscreen and the framerate is steady.

Thanks again. I wasted all this time optimizing within the software itself.

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No problem ^^ glad I could help.
If you need help with anything else, I’ll be happy to help to the best of my ability(s)

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if you record something use obs(open broadcast software(free)) not fraps :wink:

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Thanks, I actually paid for and bought FRAPS when it was the best thing available, with no lag. I do like that OBS has a sound mixer.

fraps isn’t supported for like 10 years anymore, it still works but is far from best, that’s why i suggested OBS, it’s lighter and if you ever gonna stream then you are set as well.

But if you have a graphic card from the past 3 years then check it’s details because most can record and stream on it’s own, no additional software needed (best and lightest option).