2.49's F4-F10 buttons-- where is the comparable feature in 2.5?

I feel like an idiot, because it seems like the answer should be obvious, but I can’t find it, on the app or online anywhere. Lots and lots of people used the F4-F10 hotkeys in 2.49 to get at different properties (F5 for materials, F6 for textures, F10 for the render settings, etc). I understand that those particular hotkeys aren’t there anymore – fine. But is the FUNCTIONALITY still there?

In other words: No matter what window I was in in 2.49, if I pressed F10, the properties panel always switched to the render window. This was very useful for quick checking of settings, quickly getting to various properties, etc. Is anything like this still around with 2.5? Or do I have to push buttons for the time being?

Its not in the 2.5beta

now you got properties panel where you can select panels you need!

don’t think F keys are gone come back !