2.4x Manual Script List Need Update for "Deformed mesh to Rvk" Script

I have been working on a shape key tutorial that depends on the “Deformed mesh to Rvk” script. Surprisingly, I found that some installations of 2.49b, Python 2.6.6, and PyFFI 2.1.5 have this script and some have the older “Rvk1 to Rvk2” script. So, I looked at the 2.4x manual’s script list at: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.4/Py/Scripts. Unfortunately, clicking on “Deformed mesh to Rvk” in that list links to the older “Rvk1 to Rvk2” script.

I have found that the “Deformed mesh to Rvk” script is available for download at http://jmsoler.free.fr/util/blenderfile/py/Mesh_Deform2Rvk.py. I posting in the hope that someone with the proper permissions and knowledge can update the link in the manual’s script list to the newer script.


The link listed provides a python script with the file name “Mesh_Deform2Rvk.py” and once installed enables a mesh script in Blender named “deformed mesh to Rvk”, but it is actually Rvk1 to Rvk2 (note the lower case ‘d’). After a day of searching on the net, there does not appear to be a site from which one can download the real “Deformed mesh to Rvk” script. The file name for this script is “rvk1_torvk2.py”, exactly the same as the Rvk1 to Rvk2 script. However, the Rvk1 to Rvk2 script is about 11 Kb with a 2007 date, while the Deformed mesh to Rvk script is just under 13 Kb with a 2009 date.