2.5 all animatable: even modifiers?

As appear on http://www.blender.org/development/current-projects/blender-25-project/:
One of the 2.5 specs is “make everything animatable”

Does this will include the modifiers values as well?
It would be nice indeed.

As far as I know, yes. :slight_smile:

Great, thanks Felix_Kutt.

Yes, thats allready possible. Why not chek out yourself, grab a build on graphicall.org! :eyebrowlift:

That’s why I posted this question :slight_smile:
I haven’t found it on the latest svn, but now I’m guessing I’m trying to do it in the wrong way: simply over a deformer value I’ve tried with the I key, but nothing happens…

Have anyone been able to been able to animate a text-object text yet?
I’ve been looking forward to that being possible for some time, but i could not
find out how to do it.

The question is… con you animate IPO-curve modifiers???

rather thank I key, have you tried right clicking on the value field/button? :wink:


Nope, I just tried the I key.

edit: ok, tried the right-click method as well. I think it’s due just to the fact it’s a svn 'coz nothing happens. I’m trying on a displace modifier, while on the subdivision or on the simple deform it works (haven’t tried the other modifiers). Therefore, yes! it seems to work, I simply guess we’ve to wait just a little bit more to see this option available on all the modifiers.
Kudos to the developers and thanks to DingTo and other builders for giving us the builds to play with :slight_smile:

right, that would make sense after all. :slight_smile:

The thing to remember regarding what is animateable and what isn’t, is that the property must be some kind of numerical setting. Stuff like links to other data and/or names are therefore not animateable, as they cannot be easily converted to a 1D-curve and back again without loosing data and/or not being reliable to use.

Thanks for the hint Aligorith.

Now a bit ot from this thread: is it already possible to save the render result?
I’m trying the usual way, F3 but no luck.
I thought to use the output node but in this case Blender crashes…
I’m playing with volumetrics and it’s a cool addition indeed! I’d like to export the render results…

Why don’t you try Image --> Save As in the header (at the bottom) of the Image Editor

Wait, so EVERYTHING in Blender will be animatable? Does this mean I’ll be able to switch to edit mode on frame 2, save my file on frame 5, and toast waffles on frame 16?

You guys just watch, a few more years of development and toasting waffles will pop up as a Google Summer of Code project.

OT but Mr Sago whatcha up to in Singapore these days?.. just wonderin’ :wink:

being bored mostly…

Thank Ton&co for 2.5

good good fine… as long as you are being well paid for it :smiley: