2.5 Animation Tutorial?

I’m completely new to animating and was using the noob to pro belnder wikibook. I’ve been figuring out what to do on the new interface while following the book’s instructions, but when it comes to the bones page, I’m completely lost. I’ve gotten as far as laying out all the armatures and naming them. I can’t set the parent to the character object- I try to select character under the parent box for the armature model and it just doesn’t change. Idk what to do- is there an animation tutorial for 2.5? Thanks.

I’m not sure what you are asking…? Do you want to parent the object to the armature? TO do this (in object mode) you select your Mesh, then shift click the armature. Now you hit CTRL-P.

It parents the mesh to the armature and gives you a chance to automatically make weight groups. Is this what you mean?

i did that, but idk what’s going on. I mean- the armature bones under armature in the modifiers don’t say the parent is the body. and when I move the bones the mesh doesn’t move, but the wikibook says they should if I did it right.

Can you post a blend file?

Can you post a link to the wiki book on what you are supposed to be doing?

http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro/Bones that’s the page. and I get stuck specifically here: "Now, we need to parent the bones to the mesh. Go back into Object Mode and select Box Dude. Now, select the Armature as well, and press CTRL+PKEY (noob note: the selection order is important in defining which object is the parent, so you cannot select both objects at the same time). A menu will pop up, select Armature, then Create From Bone Heat (Create From Closest Bones before blender 2.46). Select the armature, and enter Pose Mode (CTRL+TAB) (you need to select the armature for this option to appear!). Try moving a bone around. If you’ve done everything correctly, your mesh should move when you move the bones! " However, I cannot select armature- create from bone heat. I can only select like create parent and stuff.

Bone heat does not exist in 2.5 . Now it is called: “With Automatic Weights”

OK…now I understand what you are trying to do… That’s a pretty standard thing.

And you should be given a menu ‘Set parent to’ with these options:
Armature deform
With Empty Groups
With Envelope Weights
With Automatic Weights

You want to select the ‘With Automatic Weights’ option. Now, you’re confusing me because you say that:

But since that tutorial was written before the armature modifier existed, you probably haven’t added an armature modifier to your mesh.

If the above parenting explanation doesn’t help, you’ll have to post a .blend file.


Thanks- that fixed it.