2.5 default scene light?

the defautl scene comes with one lamp but if your remove this lamp
you can still see a black cube?

but what is the light source in the scene showing this black cube ?

i mean if you add some envir light then you still get a black cube with a white world

but light seem to be coming from some sky light
cause the sky and zenith are not really black but more like grey!

is this the light source for the cube or other source ?

and is there a flag somewhere to remove completely the sky light or you jsut make it black?


The background is not physically real in blender. No light can change it. Only the World tab can change it… No light source can do anything. So if you have a no light environment, you will still see a blue background because nothing can change it. Only actual renderable 3D objects can be affected. If you want to add light without using a light source, you can use ambient occlusion to light up shadows, or use environmental lighting which allows you to make your sky make a soft glow on the scene. Be careful with them, because both take up more rendering time, especially ambient occlusion. Also, check if one of these is on if you don’t want the cube to be lit, because even a black sky adds light if environment lighting is on.

seems that it’s a World light

if you look at the sky and horiz values they are grey almost black but not = 0
so it does provide some light to the scene
if you set theses to 0 or black the scene becomes totaly black if there are no lamps

but what about this environment ligth
why does it gives a totaly white background

is it another sort of AO or may be AAO?

note: with Ao it will remove in effect all lamps in the scene
is it the same with environment lighting ?

is there a good thread discussing or site dicussing the difference between theses different world light - AO world light - Envir light and indictect light ?