2.5 Maya presets: where is everything?

I’m fiddling with the Maya preset. A great start, but what was done with the hot keys it overwrite? Like, where is the extrude hockey now?

Is there a list somewhere of what has gone where with the preset?


You can just look at the keymap, in input preferences. Also, hotkeys are displayed next to their equivalent menu items.

OK, I’ll dig into the keymaps some more.

Thx broken!

I’ve been studying the keymap, and I can’t make much sense of how some of it works. Essentially, I’m wondering how you unselect something. For example, you border select a set of verts by left dragging. Holding down shift will add to the selection. Holding down ctrl should subtract from your selection but it currently doesn’t do anything. I went into the keymap to try and add this myself, but have no idea how to go about doing it. Is selection subtraction in there somewhere? If not, how can I set it up myself?

i you cannot do subtraction with border select at the moment ( I modded the keymap for maya form Broken’s original)…

Thx for the reply. Is it the devs intention to allow that behavior? I’ve become accustomed to the default blender behavior, but I have Maya artists on my crew that might actually be willing to try blender if this maya preset gets fleshed out into a usable preset, with all the blender functionality still intact. What happened to the edges menu, the original ctrl-e?

On a side note, I know that Blender has no radial marking menus, but is it possible to set up custom menus that pop up with hotkeys? Like, have a custom edge tool menu pop up when you press a key without having to roll your own python script?

I don’t know what the developers intend… maybe you should ask on irc at #blendercoders

as for your own custom menus in python, yep it’s possible…

check out the dynamic spacebar menu in the scripts " addons" folder for an example…

ctrl-e doesn’t work? it should… (goes to check)

there is a clash with extrude being moved to ctrl-e so extrude is taking priority… (as e is now manipulator:rotate)

it would probably be best to move extrude to somewhere else… so at least the menus are consistent
where to would be a puzzle though

i wonder, does maya have blender keymaps?
what a waste of resources.

no, but I wish it did! would make things much easier… (maya nav sucks on a tablet )

I don’t get why you don’t like this… basic viewnav and selection are what we do most of the time and form most habit with… it doesn’t really “change how blender works” in any important way, just makes it easy for users of other software to get used to blender with minimum frustration…

it also allows blender users to customise for their needs more… laptop users can make things more optimal… users of niche keyboard layouts (eg dvorjak) can make presets to suit their needs more… graphics tablet users without an easy mouse wheel…

in an ideal world all software would support this and it’s a real cause of shame that none of the “big apps” do this (allow view nav customisation)… (whilst many “smaller” tools do)

It’s not all about “other users” either…
it allows longtime blender users to customise blender to be more efficient for what they do… to integrate custom scripts directly where they are needed (crucial to many games pipelines for example)

in 2.49 scripted model tools get hidden away and couldn’t be put where they made most sense… “inset”, “solidify” “knife cut pro” all got far less use than they deserved because the modelling menus couldn’t be customised (except in source and re-compiling blender…

sorry for the rant, but

well, i have my reasons.
probably misguided.

Michael W speaks truth.

I personally think many of blender’s hotkeys are in the wrong places. Frequently used commands (like quad view or vert/poly/edge mode) should not require a 3-button combos while hardly used commands (like cursor placement) are accessed with a left mouse click.

But that’s just my opinion, you may not share it. But since everything is customizable now, I can change it, which is awesome. (It’s not all the way there, tho. Border select with the left mouse button needs to be able to subtract from a selection, for one).

But HOW to change it is the question for me. :slight_smile: I can figure out how to swap “e” for “ctl-e” if I want. But changing selection paradigms is a bit more involved and there’s little to no docs for it.

I actually don’t mind blender’s right-click to select paradigm, but I absolutely want my left click to be border select and not cursor placement. It sounds like it will be very difficult to do both, since it seems that I have to make use of blender’s hacky “swap left and right button functions for the whole interface” to get to that point. Can cursor placement be basically turned off or moved to a hotkey, allowing left clicking to do something else while retaining the right-click-centric interface with emulate 3 button mouse on?

I know that custom menus are possible by looking at the new space bar menu, but I have to code it in phython to make it happen…? That’s a bit out of reach for your average newbie who wants to customize blender to their liking. Or is it simpler than that?

Are there any available tuts or docs I can dig into to help figure all of this out?

Thanks again everyone!

subtractive selection can only be done if someone codes the border select tool to allow that…

I personally think many of blender’s hotkeys are in the wrong places. Frequently used commands (like quad view or vert/poly/edge mode)

that’ll mostly because you have formed your habits elsewhere… maya feels dead wrong to me for a lot of things (but I started in 3dsmax and lightwave)…

it’s amazing how “ergonomic” is often really a product of environment…and habit… but as I said, customisation gets around that…

Regular border select can do subtractive selection. B, then middle mouse drag. But maybe your talking more about the hotkey editor having access to that…

I started in LW for 5 years, then 3ds max for 2 and now Maya for 6.

Honestly, I don’t mind the blender defaults for the most part. I think it works well overall. My main reason for wanting to flesh out the maya preset is that there are a lot of maya animators (on my crew especially) that are reluctant to try blender and it will ease their transition if it feels similar to the tool they already know.

The problem is, if the maya preset is half-baked, it will actually do more harm than good, making blender look completely half-assed, which we all know that it isn’t.

it’s not half baked, it’s just trying to ease selection, viewnav and manipulators…
it’s not the aim of the presets that ship with blender to do more than that…it can be counter productive…

check this thread:

demohero has a more complete maya setup in there…

I’ve noted your marquee “deselect” issue but it’s a limitation at the moment

Thx micheal w, i didnt mean to suggest you guys’ hard work was half baked. I really appreciate all the effort that has gone into this. I would love to help provide feedback on further iterations of the preset if you need it. I can discuss with my crew what they would find important in a maya preset and what’s not if you’d like and relay that to you.