2.5 PyDrivers

Hi, Does anyone know where PyDrivers are located in Blender 2.5? I use them all of the time in 2.49b but cant find them in 2.5… Thanks

I’m looking for this myself.

Same here…
Man I struggle, I struggle with 2.5… Everything seems more complicated to me…

I did not think they were implemented yet, with python in 2.5 still being very fluid.
If I am wrong, by all means post up where it is.

To create a driver, right click on an animateable field in the UI and select “Add Drivers” or “Add Single Driver”.

In the FCurve-Editor there is a button to toggle between “F-Curve Editor” and “Drivers”, set it to drivers.

Then you also have to show the Property window, using the N-Key. Now you can see the actual driver properties.

Thanks Loolarge !