2.5 ray mirror masking

I want to use a greyscale image as a reflection mask, black being non-reflective white being fully reflective. Problem is when I map it to “Ray” in the texture menu it doesn’t do anything.
rather, it acts as though it’s 100% white. Is this just an issue in 2.5 or am I doing something wrong?

You’ll need to set the reflectivityvalue under the materialtab to 0. else the entire object will reflect.

thank you :smiley:

Sorry to bump an old thread, but this doesn’t work like I thought it did. Where does the RayMirror input get it’s information from (when mapping a texture to it)? Alpha channel? Regular colour channels? No matter what I try it continues along at full reflectivity :frowning:

hmm… i have read somewhere that when you map something to raymir you need to activate “calculate alpha” under image sampling. I have no idea if thats the problem though, but you could try, i know it solved that problem for me back in 2.49.