2.5 render and grab

1 - rendering
in alpha 0 when you render you get a new window
with F12
is it possible to have and independant window
where you can come back in 2.5 and do something else while rendering ?

2 - grabbing objects
right now when you select object you are not in grab mode
like in 2.49 you need to G - Key to move object
is it possible to have this auto grab in 2.5 or not ?

3 - split vertical
how do you split vertical
i cann in left botto corner the pslit for horizontal but how to vertical ?


1 - select render output option

3 - drag horizontally instead of vertically to split window


ok i got the split horiz adn vert ncie trick here

but why did you circle the new windows in red?

is it usefull for something ?
may be create a new window but where do you see it ?

does this replace the screen in 2.49

you know where you can make a new screen with any numbers of viewports ect,
may be this is the new windows ?