2.5 Suzanne?

I know it may be heresy to suggest this but who thinks Suzanne needs a make over for 2.5? I would like to see a comp or call for entries on it. I seem to remember Pepe (pepeland) did a great variation on her.


You’d be referring to this then:



'tis a brilliant idea!

Sounds like a nice idea… But I also feel that it wouldn’t be Suzanne if we changed her. One thing that I think “we” should change though… She needs to be properly UV-mapped stright “out of the box”. It’s anoying that she isn’t!

how bout a suzzane biped :confused:

That’s the one. Very nice indeed.

i thought suzanne was like a test item that remained the same so you could see variations of the renders and see how any changes were rendered and know if it was the mesh or whatever.

You could keep the vert count the same, just remodel her and fix her UV’s…

I proposed the same idea (and picture) to Ton a while ago, he liked the Susanne very much but also thought the old one should remain in Blender. not forgetting where Blender came from.
perhaps both versions could be added.

Given that Suzanne is currently called “Monkey” in the menus, perhaps now is the time to update the menus and call her “Suzanne” and have a new monkey called “Monkey”.

wait, did you make Cornelius? :slight_smile:
or do you mean you showed him the picture of Daniel’s suzy?

Suzanne is, like the Utah teapot, not only just a model. It’s a symbol for Blender. :yes:

Keep it as it is, forever…

Beside that, the proposed monkey design looks a bit evil for my taste. :wink:

+1 to Kai Kostack

That other monkey is pretty scary, yeah. Keep the old Suzanne, but for cripes sake make the mesh continuous. I spent like two days trying to figure out why Mesh.pointInside wouldn’t work properly with it, until I realized the eyes were separate from the head. :<

+1 to Kai Kostack, too.

Agreed, keep Suzanne as is.
You can use the transform modifiers to make any variation you like.

no matter what, +1 to a properly closed mesh with UVs!

I was thinking that Blender already has a standard low poly model, what it needs is a really high poly counterpart. The stock models you see used again and again, the Stanford Bunny, Dragon, and Happy Buddha (not so much the Utah Teapot) are really large models. They’re all the results of being scanned (not the teapot) and as such contain problems, like hidden manifolds.

If the GSoC OpenGL display improvements land, and with project Durian starting, it might be a good time to either sculpt/model one or get something scanned. Maybe use it in the short. Then make the data freely available and hope it catches on. Each time it gets used it would be like a mini advert for Blender. The Blender … something?

The Blender (highpoly) monkey?

Although I like how the dragon, buddha and that angelic lady are historical artefacts and show their creators’ appreciation for the history of art, I wouldn’t be against a full-body monkey hanging from a branch or something.

+1 to keeping her the same!

Suzanne is classic, +1 to keeping her the same. I like the obscurity of “monkey” in the menu, the noobs will figure out her name soon enough :wink: It’s like getting let in on inside information, “Now you are part of the cult!”