2.5 Texture View - no textures?

Hi everyone. I’m using 2.5 Alpha 2, and no matter what I do I can’t get textures to show up on the mesh in Texture view in the 3D window. Am I missing something? When I go to texture mode my model turn a stark white, no shading at all, and of course, no texture. Is this something yet to be implemented or am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

Oops - got it working with GLSL Shading. But this is the only mode I can get a texture showing with. The other modes show no textures. Why is this?

You need to apply UV textures. http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:Manual/Textures/UV. If you search these forums it seems the same question has come up a number of times just in the last couple of days.


I did search. Could not find it. Interesting because I had my texture UV mapped. No problems, rendered fine. Not until I went to the actual UV edit window and showed the texture on the UV did it appear in the multitexture viewport. Why would that be? Is that normal functionality?