2.5: Where have actor / dynamic / gravity etc gone?

I’m wanting to do some real-time simulation in 2.5 using the BGE. In previous versions of Blender, I could make a wall and set the bricks up as actors / dynamic etc so that when something bumped into the wall, they would tumble down.

I can’t find the settings to change these properties in 2.5 though. The Logic Editor does not seem to have them and I can’t seem to find them in the main panels either.

:o Someone, please take off me blindfolds!

Hi, is this what you mean? Important is the setting at the top, uncovers things relevant it does, and others it hides. In the world setting is the gravity option still displayed.


Thanks - yes that’s it. Saw a video this morning which revealed it… the settings I wanted are very hidden otherwise.

Thank you - your answer was spot on. Hit that button, choose BGE as the render editor, and suddenly the options I was after happen under the physics tab.