2.5 with import/export scripts availible?

Hey all, is there a 2.5 build for OS X that has import/export scripts?

I want to create models in modo, export them as OBJ to Blender for rigging/animation, then export the animation as MDD for lighting/texturing/rendering in modo.

I used Blender exclusively a while back, but got put off by the Intel GMA900 Macbook issue. I noticed that my Macbook will run 2.5 like a dream, but I can’t tweak the scripts from 2.4 to work in 2.5.

Has someone else solved this already? All I need is the import_obj.py and export_mdd.py scripts translated for 2.5. I am a scripting noob so I won’t even attempt to do it myself.

Maybe someone can take a look and see if this would be easily done by an experienced scripter.

2.5 is unfinished. It is not recommended to use it for production work yet. Most importers and exporters haven’t been ported.

Yeah, I realize that 2.5 isn’t recommended for production work, and I wouldn’t use it if I was planning on doing more than just rigging and animation. I even did a test with 2.5 and it worked great for everything I need, except import and export.

I guess if these scripts just aren’t available for 2.5 yet I’ll have to go back to 2.45 — the last version that works on my Macbook.

If anyone else knows an ETA for these scripts, let me know!

and I wouldn’t use it if I was planning on doing more than just rigging and animation.


Rigging and animation is a pretty big part of 3D. What do you consider production work?

you could always import into 2.49 and then open it in 2.5…

export with the new anim system may be more tricky…

Has anyone tried the SOC branches of 2.5? (collada support is in one branch and the import export API is in another?)

I was just saying that while I realize 2.5 is not yet a final product, the parts of my pipeline that I want to use it for (rigging and animation) seem to be working just fine, just no way to import/export that work so I can integrate it. Of course I consider rigging and animating a big part of 3d.

@Michael W - Thanks for the import tip - hadn’t even thought of that.

I guess it’s 2.45 for me until import/export gets ported.