2.50 New Feature Tests

This is where you can post tests specific to new features in 2.50


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I am trying the sculpt tool in Blender 2.5 Alpha 2. These are at level 6, have over 2 million faces. It didn’ t crash once. For the skin textures I used different brush textures. The anchoring option is great for skin, you can use the same brush texture in different variations so that the texture never repeats itself.
I used rake option with a brush texture for hairs, but I need more experience on that for now.
The only problem I had for now is that the mesh is changed unexpectedly on lower levels, when you sculpt on higher levels. When you smooth out the bad parts on lower levels, the higher levels get corrupted. So, in my workflow I don’ t edit lower levels again when I once get to the higher level. We don’ t have layers for sculpting yet, do we?


This is the fracture used in a few geometrical figures


fracture.blend (211 KB)

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