2.57 - How to randomise position/rotation/scale of objects?

I can’t find a randomising feature in blender, like there is in Cinema 4D. It’s a great way of randomising translations on arrays of objects. All I’ve been able to find is a script for the 2.4x versions. How do you do this in 2.57?

well what type of script is it???

if its python you can make a new python script and run it

I’m not skilled enough yet to start converting 2.4x scripts to 2.57. To be honest, I was hoping there already is a solution. How do people randomise the positions of objects? I feel like I’m missing something…

Thanks, Ricky, but you’re talking about specific position and alignment, while I’m asking about the opposite, randomising the translations. This is very useful for random positioning/scaling/rotation of clouds, stones, trees, clumps of grass, etc. You can create a varied look by using only a small number of items. In Cinema 4D I used this feature all the time, but in Blender I’m clueless. How do you guys do this?

Instance Painting, using particles.

I was too embarrassed at the time to post this, but in case it helps others: there is a Randomize Transform command. It comes up in the search, and is also in the Transform submenu of the Object/Mesh/Curve menus.