2.57 splash

Hey all,

just wanted to ask, is there a way to change the splash screen? (noob at coding and such >~<)

It’s not that the chameleon is badly done, but just the ornateness and overall flashiness doesn’t quite suite me very much. When I open blender I’d like something slick and inspirational, epic and awesome, but instead I get a bumpy multicolored cute guy staring straight at me. This clash of randomness doesn’t really put me in the mood, if you know what I’m saying. And if you devs could, for the next version, try to get something that looks industrious, modern, has good composition, and is appropriate to the ultimate pwnage that is Blender 2.5 :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks to anyone for a response on how to change it, the blender community is AWESOME!!!

do you compile blender yourself? I dunno why the splash isn’t avail via settings or something, also I’m looking forward when we can have a video splash.

anyways where yuou have your blender source, find this folder /blender/release/datafiles

there’s a splash.png , edit it to your likings then you have to run the datatoc.py script to generate a splash.png.c file. then compile blender and it will be swapped.

to run datatoc.py enter this in a terminal, python datatoc.py splash.png
if I recall right.

just don’t look at it, then: press esc as quickly as it shows up.

If you want to look at something epic, I’m sure you got plenty in your HD or off the web…

Oh for crying out loud.

File -> User Preferences -> Untick “show splash” box -> Save as Default

Splash page is gone unless you re-enable it.

I like the Chameleon :slight_smile:

What Chameleon ? hmm…wait for 2.58 and see another splash.

Sometimes I think it might be worth paying for software after all. I don’t remember the C4D forums having unending posts about the splash screen not getting the poster “in the mood”.

Oh the Chamelon gets me “in the mood” allright… Rowr! :wink: #ohbehave

Jeeze people, just asking how to change it, no need to get pissed. I agree with aermartin, it would be quite nice to be able to customize a little more easily, maybe something like exposing that splash.png in built versions so that it wouldn’t be such a headache to change.

Anyways, thanks for the quick responses! (and no disrespect to the dude who did the Chameleon, he’s an excellent artist, I just enjoy the freedom to adapt a program according to my taste)

@matfr cool story, bro… welcome to the blender community. btw, inspiration, motivation, feeling and “mood” is most important when it comes to artwork, you should learn that. But I suppose anyone who would be wiling to pay $800 for a locked down 3d suite would react that way to a mere question about customization.