2.58 (0/a) standalone crashes or nearly empty scene

i have a simple problem: inside Blender everything works fine,
but when i export my game as runtime the problems mentioned in the thread title appear.
I already tried deactivating shaders, packing everything and applying modifiers… nothing works.
With Blender 2.58.0 i got a nearly empty scene, with 2.58a the standalone only crashes everytime.
I´m in hope of a solution i just did not see.

Any idea is appreciated.

You could try a cucumber build: http://graphicall.org/?keywords=cucumber

There have been various bugs fixed in the blenderplayer in cucumber.

Hm, didn´t work either… but thanks for the tip

Hm. 2.58a didn’t work for me either, so it’s not just you, heijulien. Hopefully the Cucumber build will fix any problems soon…

Test files always help in hunting down problems :wink:

When it crashes, does it come up with an error?
And what operating system?

The testfile would be 12mb in size, but i may upload it if it really helps. My machine runs WinXP.
The errors i get are just the typical windows messages like ‘the application terminated in an unusual way…’ blabla…

I think I may know what crash you are talking about. For me at least the Blenderplayer sometimes crashes on start up, but not always. It does seem that on certain scenes it had a higher tendency to crash though. Does this sound similar to what you are experiencing? If so, is there anything noteworthy about your scene?

In the newest version it always crashes. Sometimes i can hear a tiny bit of the music i use before it crashes, but it never reaches the point where it actually displays something.
Anything noteworthy… hm… i use 2x postfilter in different passes, glsl, audio, an overlay scene , one spot with shadow (2048px), ramps, python for mouselook, transparent images and 5 Layers (objects scattered across, but all needed set to visible).

edit: and i already tried disabling all the extra glsl features, but that changed nothing.