2.5D geometric punk drummer




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I’ve been experimenting with doing a hybrid of 3D modeling and cartoony / abstract / geometric 2D vectors that I draw in Adobe Illustrator and then import to Blender and extrude. This is one of the results so far, a 2.5D ortho diorama.

Here’s an alternate with black cymbals, I wasn’t sure which version I liked better.

(Member) #2

Very nice.

(Nunud) #3


I’m a 2.5D enthusiast myself, and I approve of this! :+1::clap::grinning:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #4

You’re #featured, enjoy :slight_smile:

(djwaterman) #5

I think the brighter cymbals strikes a better balance tonally for the image as a whole. The black ones are darker than the drummer’s hair (the flat parts) so they look apart from the rest of the image to me.

This is quite a unique way to make images using Blender and vectors, I like the result.

(PixelPete) #6

This is super-inspiring! Great job mister!

(JoeW) #7

Really cool stylization. This would make a great illustration style.

I think the brighter cymbals work better. The darker cymbals pull your eye away from the drummer. You might consider a medium value for the cymbals as well - something closer to the drummer’s pants(?)


Woah, thanks guys. Good points about the cymbal darkness, the black is too dark, and the current bronze is too light, both feel kind of unbalanced.

(rombout) #9

What a challenging pose! Epic mood and scene

(Louis) #10

Love this! I like the subtle depth of field, balances the composition nicely.

(Muuchum Scribels) #11

noice! what a refreshing idea. gotta try something like this

(SunBurn) #13

Nice style!
Pretty fresh what you’re testing here!
Keep up the good work and post some more…
Maybe the whole Punk band…:wink:


Dammit, I had no plans to do anymore on this, but that’s a good idea. :grinning: I started some rough pose sketches for the other girls. I’ll start a new thread on this if I ever get around to actually working on it.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #15

I’ve featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #16

For more information about this piece, check out the Behind the Scenes article on BlenderNation: