2.5d Platformer Camera

Hi All,

I’m part of a development studio that wants to do some rapid prototyping for some future game projects using Blender. We’re currently looking at creating a fairly standard jump 'n run 2.5d sidescroller.

I’ve currently started playing with getting a decent camera. Vertex parenting wasn’t really doing the job as it’s super restrictive and doesn’t allow easing or horizontal micro-adjustments with camera movement.

Ideally, this is the sort of solution we’re looking for: http://blog.mimeoverse.com/post/581467761/the-ideal-platformer-camera-should-minimize

Now I was able to create a hacky solution using 4 compound boxes that surrounded the playable character, with the camera parented to them. This allowed the invisible box scenario mentioned in the link, though the second I add any collideable terrain, everything goes crazy (because the boxes collide with the terrain). Is there any way to create collision groups in Blender to specify what can collide with what?

Alternatively, are there any decent camera scripts floating around? I’ve had a search but I couldn’t find anything.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Edit > It seems the game Zody The Slug would be a good point of reference. However it seems all links to it are down. Does anyone have a copy they could upload?